Hello Guys!
I like playing otome games mostly
Voltage Inc and Pokémon!
My partner Pokémon is Glaceon :3
Go ahead and ask me anything
i draw otome stuff/anime too!
My Hubby is Ryoichi <3
Oh and I'm Saeki Takamasa lil sis :3 hes a amazing yet pervy bro ;w ;
~Being stalked by Kiyoto~
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The difference…

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*whispers* Leah here’s your cute prince



*gasp!* So cute! :D Kyahaha. I love the hat. XD

Ahaha glad you like it XD

*whispers* Leah here’s your cute prince



A Kitty Wilfred for you Anon!

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Haru? Sorry, but can you bring me a towel?

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I think about this everyday…

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The recent free! episode killed me

*hides in the corner and cries*

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For those people who sent me a drawing request!

Don’t worry! I haven’t forgotten.

I’ll get to it straight away ASAP because you know school and homework and stuff

Thanks for being patient <3 

Hetalia: Axis Powers - America