Hello Guys!
I like playing otome games mostly
Voltage Inc and Pokémon!
My partner Pokémon is Glaceon :3
Go ahead and ask me anything
i draw otome stuff/anime too!
My Hubby is Ryoichi <3
Oh and I'm Saeki Takamasa lil sis :3 hes a amazing yet pervy bro ;w ;
~Being stalked by Kiyoto~
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noiz + usagimodoki

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Anonymous says: Top 5 places to have sex with Ryoichi <3

.///////. *shows you a list*

  1. Bed
  2. His office he says it ‘helps with his work’
  3. Christines House <3 XD
  4. Secretly behind saeki back XD JK Christines guest bed
  5. The hotel <3

*runs away*

Ask me my “Top 5” anything

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The first stages of becoming a Fujoshi: Denial

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tell me something u dig about me on anon

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Life Ruiner; someone who constantly is ruining your life and smilies while they do it.

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Ryoichis Highschool photos are the best XD



Ryochi Hirose (Age: 17)

High school student

So cute ^^

chloekinomi Look it’s him in Highschool What a dork

Omg XD
He still has that smug look on his face
Dear look at your hair XDD
This made my day XD

Drawing Shiki in my school books :3

Hetalia: Axis Powers - America